Business matters

Elżbieta Jendrych (autorka), Halina Wiśniewska (autorka)

Tytuł:     Business matters
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Format:     B5
Język:     angielski
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Data wydania:     29.09.2016
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ISBN:     978-83-63391-29-4


Business matters covers a variety of business-related topics introducing a wide range of vocabulary as well as providing ample opportunities to practice and master the use of Business English. The list of topics includes:

  • Company and market structure
  • Recruitment process and employee motivation
  • Market research, production and pricing policy
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Sales and distribution
  • International trade and globalization
  • Transport and logistics
  • Business growth
  • Customer rights

Each unit comprises key vocabulary, a text exemplifying the use of the terminology, a wide selection of exercises: multiple-choice questions, gapped sentences, vocabulary matching, crosswords and puzzles as well as topics for discussion and an essay-writing section.

Business matters is an ideal textbook and reference tool for both university students and business professionals from intermediate to advanced level of language competence.

O autorkach

The authors are linguists, English teachers and teacher trainers. They work at Koźmiński University in Warsaw and specialise in teaching Business English, English for Finance, Business Skills and Business Culture. They have written several publications on linguistics, language teaching, materials development and evaluation, teacher training and teacher development.

Elżbieta Jendrych, Ph.D., is the Head of the Business Studies in English Postgraduate Programme and the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages.

Halina Wiśniewska, Ph.D., is the Head of International Business Communication Section and the Head of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certification Centre at Koźmiński University.